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Kororaa Дистрибутив с XGL

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Отправлено 07 Декабрь 2006 - 05:36

Залил на FTP дистрибутив Kororaa 2005 со встроенным XGL
x86 & amd64

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What you need
To install mainstream Kororaa or Gororaa you will need TWO CDs.

The first is the universal install CD that has both x86 and 64bit environments on it, and is used for BOTH Kororaa and Gororaa. This means no matter what you are installing, you need this one first.

The second is the package CD for the system you want to install (ie Kororaa x86 or Gororaa AMD64, etc).

NOTE: The "x86" versions can ONLY be installed on a system with a CPU that has SSE instruction support. This means Pentium 3 (Celeron needs Coppermine core) or later. The AMD64 versions can be installed on any AMD 64bit cpu, including AMD64, Sempron64, Turion and Opteron.

What is it?
Kororaa is essentially a binary install method for Gentoo Linux. The end system you will have is 100% Gentoo. There are two flavours:
Kororaa - which comes with KDE as the default desktop, and;
Gororaa - which comes with Gnome as the default desktop.

There is also a side-project for Kororaa called the LiveCD. It is a livecd designed to showcase AIGLX, Xgl, compiz, KDE, Gnome, Gentoo and Kororaa technologies. The livecd lets you safely play with the Kororaa system and has the option to install to disk.

Our installer takes care of most of the manual configuring required under the Gentoo method, and we have also added a large number tweaks and automations along the way. Kororaa also comes with a carefully selected suite of KDE based applications for your use (Gnome applications for Gororaa) and the system has been designed specifically for these.

What's the point of it?
Kororaa was originally started as an installer for Gentoo Linux. With the announcement of the Gentoo Linux Installer we shifted focus a little and decided to release a full custom-built Gentoo system along with our installer.

The installer was started as a way to easily install Gentoo on multiple machines each with different hardware. It is also designed to be a tool that can be given to friends who like idea of Gentoo but complain about the "compile time" and "complex install method". Missing out on the Gentoo experience because of "compile time" is not a good excuse so Kororaa is a way to introduce friends to Gentoo without having to build their systems yourself.

If you are interested in learning Gentoo and GNU/Linux in general then we cannot more strongly recommend the standard Gentoo install method. It is a big learning curve, but is very rewarding.

Essentially however, if you're someone who doesn't want to wait to get a nicely configured Gentoo system; wants to easily replicate Gentoo on many different machines; is so afraid of the standard install method that it's stopping you from trying Gentoo at all; or you're a lazy pig then this method is for you!

You can use our stage3, portage snapshot and packages together with the standard Gentoo ”Stage3 GRP” install if you want to try it that way too!

The Kororaa system was originally built for Pentium3 or later systems, but is now built for i686 so that people with older AMD machines and pre-P3 computers can use it.

Mainstream Kororaa also has an AMD64 version, but the LiveCD is currently i686 only.

Of course if you want more optimisation, you can always re-build your system and current applications by changing your make.conf and rebuilding world.

Please note the system is currently BETA, is released under GPL2 and comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

We hope you Enjoy!

Your Kororaa Team smile.gif

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